About FindPoland

FindPoland is a company which recruits international candidates who are interested in studying at Polish universities. We are the Polish private recruitment agency which operates on the whole territory of Poland helping foreign candidates apply to all leading Polish universities. FindPoland cooperates with the best Polish universities. We help candidates from the whole world to choose and to apply to all types of Polish universities: technical, business, human, life science, art and medical ones. We recruit candidates mainly from China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and from Latin America countries.
The CEO of FindPoland is Tomasz Nowak.

Our mission is to promote the attractiveness and the advantages of studying in Poland among young people worldwide.
Our vision is to significantly increase the amount of foreign students studying at all types of Polish universities. We would like to support the rapid increase of the internationalization of Polish universities and their growing popularity among students from different countries worldwide.
Our objective is to advise and to help foreign candidates choose the best faculty among the ones offered by the most outstanding Polish universities that best fit the expectations and needs of each candidate.
Our core value is to make the process of application for each candidate very smooth and friendly and to make her or his communication with us and with the university very simple.

Our company provides a wide range of the most useful, accurate and comprehensive information about each aspect of living and studying at any Polish university and in any Polish city or town.
FindPoland offers each candidate a full set of information regarding: the ranking of faculties at Polish universities, the ranking of Polish universities, the amount of tuition fee at each university, the costs and benefits of living in each city or town in Poland.
FindPoland provides foreign candidates free preliminary advice regarding the selection of an appropriate faculty among the best Polish universities and later we support each candidate in their application to the chosen Polish university.
After a preliminary selection of universities our experienced team of consultants will guide you through each step of the application process to the chosen Polish university or MBA course.

Our services are strongly Customer-oriented and our advice is personalized for each candidate. We support each candidate during the first months of their living in Poland, helping with cultural acclimatization and making it easier for him or her to fully enjoy their stay in Poland