Our services

The selection of a Polish university to study at and a Polish city to live could be a time consuming process. And applying to your chosen Polish university could be sometimes a little bit complicated process, especially if Polish or English is not your first language.

We can offer you the support of a dedicated counsellor who will provide you an initial consultation regarding the process of selection the best faculty for you to study in. Later we will help you to prepare properly your application, according to the requirements defined by the university selected by you. We can also help you in your trip to the chosen Polish city - the place of your study and to support you within your first days of living in Poland.

List of our services:

  •  Advising you in the choice of university, faculty and city to study (including both studies in English and in Polish)
  •  Support in preparation of all required documents (filling all necessary forms and helping you in constructing a CV)
  •  Submission of all required documents on behalf of the candidate to the university for the chosen faculty
  •  Representing you in the process of legalization / homologation of these documents at the university
  •  Submitting the same documents to the board of trustees (formal recognition procedure)
  •  Certified translation of required documents into Polish
  •  Assistance in obtaining a temporary residence card
  •  Assistance in obtaining proper accommodation
  •  Assistance in obtaining health insurance
  •  Support in finding a professional English or Polish language course
  •  All other kinds of help you may need during your stay in Poland