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Study in Europe - study in Poland! Why are advanced studies in Poland so exciting? They are so exciting because the quality of studies is very high while the cost is low and studying in Poland also gives the opportunity to live in beautiful, attractive cities and the possibility to travel around Europe.

Poland is the fourth biggest European country in terms of the amount of students- after the UK, Germany and France. There are about 1.5 million students studying at 400 Polish universities which offer a wide selection of courses at much lower costs than in Western European countries. Importantly, a degree obtained at a Polish university is recognized internationally. Moreover, the costs of living in Poland are much lower than in most European countries, while Polish university cities offer many attractions for the spending leisure time in a pleasing way.

According to two British newspapers, The Independent and The Telegraph, Poland is the best and cheapest option for studying for British students who want to slash costs.

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Also according to another British daily, The Guardian, Polish capital Warsaw is ranked second on a list of the world's most affordable cities for students, based on tuition fees and general living expenses.

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Studying in Poland, especially at technical and economic universities gives you a solid education and a great chance to find a good job in other EU countries! First of all, Polish Information Technology graduates are very famous worldwide in terms of winning such prestigious competitions as Top Coder, Google Code Jam, Imagine Cup or Giant Jamboree iGEM. Warsaw University was occupying the first place in the Top Coder ranking for many years. Also Polish chemists, aviation and economic graduates belong to the best worldwide league, confirmed by other competition results e.g. in: Google Online Marketing Challenge, RobotChallenge, NASA Lunabotics Mining Competition, Electrolux Design Lab, GE's “Make your campus greener”. For instance, Polish robotic vehicles made by Polish students, such as the Mars rover, have won competitions in the USA (University Rover Challenge) and in Europe. Polish airplanes and Science Vehicles models have won in the SAE Aero Design West, SAE Aero Design East and in CanSat Competitions.

Thanks to the boom at Polish universities over the last 15 years, Polish society is nowadays one of the best educated in the world. That's why Poland is the biggest European destination for R&D and BPO centres in Europe (and the third biggest such destination in the world, after India and China). Among 940 of such centres, you can find ones belonging to such famous giants like Google, Samsung (which has five R&D centres in Poland), Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Intel, Siemens, GE, Pratt&Whitney, UTC, Airbus, McKinsey, ABB, Motorola, Alcatel Lucent, Capgemini, Symatec and plenty of others, with 20% of annual employment growth. Google apart from its two R&D centres in Poland (in Kraków and in Warsaw) also decided to open in Warsaw its start-up centre- Campus Warsaw -the fourth such centre in the world- the other ones being in  London, Seoul and Tel-Aviv.

Poland with its 38 million inhabitants is the sixth-largest economy in the Europen Union (and 23rd economy in the world) and at the same time has been the fastest growing European economy for last 25 years and recently became the European growth championas. It was the only EU country, which avoided the recession in 2009. Poland is also leading in terms of the number (and value) of attracted foreign investments. Many economists think that Poland has reached its new “Golden Age”. Thanks to a constant economic boom, very high productivity and a very well educated population,Poland is expected to become one of the leading economic players in Europe. In 2011, President of the People's Republic of China Hu Jintao and President of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski signed a joint declaration on strategic partnership between the two countries. In 2015 Poland held the 31-st position in the “well-being” SEDA index, with the fastest pace of growth. For instance, Poland overtakes the UK in such areas as education or health care. (Polish education system is ranked fifth in Europe).

Poland remains a very safe country, with a very low crime rate and each year is visited by 16 million foreign tourists, who visit historical Polish cities and beautiful landscapes such as the Baltic seaside, the lake districts, natural forests and mountains. The Polish Royal City of Kraków was awarded Best European city for visiting in 2014. Other popular historical Polish cities are Warsaw (Polish capital), Wrocław, Gdańsk and Toruń (the city of famous astronomer Copernicus). In 2015 the prestigious travel publisher - Lonely Planet ranked Poland at number 7 in its list of top ten countries to visit in 2016.

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Because of much lower prices (than in other European countries) about 74 million foreigners each year visit Poland to buy all types of goods and services, including medical treatment. Polish goods are very popular worldwide and Polish export is booming not only in Europe, but also in Asia and in Africa.