Latest successes of Polish students

28.06.2016 Students from Rzeszów win the Mars rovers competition again

Legendary Rover Team from Rzeszów University of Technology for the second time won the prestigious race Mars rovers competition - University Rover Challenge, which ended in the US. Third place went to the team Continuum from the University of Wroclaw.

University Rover Challenge (URC) is a prestigious international competition of Mars rover built by students from all over the world. Students competed on 2 - 4 June in the American desert in Utah near the Mars base analogue MDRS.
Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics at Rzeszów University Prof. Jarosław Sęp joked that these competitions were slowly becoming Polish specialty.
Among the best fourteen teams, which competed in the Ares finals, there were three more Polish teams. In fifth place were Raptors from Lodz University of Technology, #next team from Bialystok University of Technology was seventh, and MS Rover Team from the Czestochowa University of Technology took tenth place.

Teams from Polish universities compete in the URC since 2009. Polish students had their first success in 2011, when the rover Magma2 built at Białystok University of Technology took the top of the podium. Students from Białystok University of Technology won again in 2013 and 2014 year with the rovers Hyperion and Hyperion 2.

In 2015, for the first time the Legendary Rover Team from Rzeszów University of Technology won the competition. Third place went to the team Scorpio from Wroclaw University of Technology, and the fourth to the rover #next built by students from Białystok University of Technology. Among the top ten teams, as many as five teams were Polish.

Source PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland