Latest successes of Polish students

05.01.2016 Wrocław students win ESA's lunar competition

Moon exploration project HECATE developed by Wroclaw University of Technology students won the prestigious ESA Moon Challenge, organized by the European Space Agency

The task of the competition was to design manned and robotic space mission, which would allow astronauts to reach the space station, and to conduct research on the lunar surface using advanced technology.

The competition attracted more than 20 teams, and three projects qualified for the finals: Synergic Selene, Team HARVeSt and HECATE. The latter was developed, among others, by students from the Wroclaw University of Technology research project "Space is more" - Dorota Budzyń (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering), Agata Mintus (Faculty of Architecture) and Szymon Gryś (Faculty of Electronics).

The project HECATE involves sending several rockets into space, which then join to form a station above the Moon orbit. Four astronauts will work inside the station for a few hundred days. They will operate four Martian rovers sent to the Moon on two landers. Their task would be to collect a wide variety of samples from the lunar surface, which would then be examined.

Source: PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland

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