List of the best Polish universities

Lublin Lublin University of Technology

Lublin University of Technology has been a major education centre in the city of Lublin and the South-East region of Poland, with 11.000 students and about 530 academic teachers.
There are 6 autonomous faculties offering 16 individual courses: architecture, civil engineering, technical and information education, electrical engineering, engineering physics, information technology , biomedical engineering, material engineering, environmental engineering, mathematics, mechanics and machine construction, mechatronics, environmental protection engineering, production engineering, transport, management.

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Gdansk Medical University of Gdańsk

The Medical University of Gdansk is the largest medical academic institution in northern Poland and one of the best in Poland. It educates about 5750 students (including 800 foreign students) in four faculties and employs about 1000 academic staff, including 100 professors.

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Lublin Medical University of Lublin

Medical University of Lublin was established in 1950 . In 2001, the English Language Division of the medical faculty was formed. This branch of the university is responsible for designing and implementing a curriculum for students in the English language.

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