Student life in Poland

In Poland the whole student infrastructure is very well developed.
In each academic city or town there is a big number of discos, clubs, pubs, wine bars, coffee houses and restaurants, and prices in Poland are one of the lowest in comparison with most of European countries.
Students in Poland do love to celebrate parties and student events, including a university students' festival called Juvenalia, with concerts, costumes and marches. Juvenalia assembles plenty of students and other young people.

Students in Poland can enjoy their free time on such mainstream activities like running, swimming, riding on bikes, canoeing or kayaking. There are many of fitness club centres, swimming-pools, parks, bicycle paths and rivers for these types of activity.
Because most of academic centres in Poland are situated in historical cities and towns students always have an opportunity for sightseeing tours. Students in Poland have an privileged access to cinemas (movies are shown in their original language with Polish subtitles), art galleries, music concerts, museums.
Students can also discover the beauty of many areas in Poland: the Carpathian or Sudety mountains, the Baltic sea coast or Masurian Lake District. Poland is one of the most popular European destination for foreign tourists, each year being visited by 16 million of foreign tourists.
The best way to travel around Poland is by bus or by train as the cheapest and relatively fast option.

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