Studies in English and studies in Polish

Studies in English and studies in Polish. When and why to learn Polish language?

Polish Universities offer a wide range of studies in English for foreigners.
The full list of studies in English is provided on the list of studies in English at the Polish Universities.

Many foreign students study at Polish universities in English (especially medicine or technical faculties). But also many foreigners decide to study in Polish. The scope of studies in Polish language is much wider than the scope studies in English.

If you are interested in studying in Polish (because e.g. your English is not excellent or you would like to learn the Polish language or you want to study at a faculty which is offered only in Polish) we will provide you information about professional Polish language courses (or professional English courses) offered by Polish Universities for foreigners. In general such courses last about 1 year time.

We will also provide you information about all faculties at Polish universities where programmes are offered in Polish.

Foreign students most often choose the following specialized studies in Poland: medicine, management, international relations, tourism, economy, language studies, IT, finance and accounting, and dentistry